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About Malta

About Malta

Here’s what the experts say about Malta...


Here’s some quick facts about Malta:

  1. 1 Sun - Malta gets about 300 days of sunshine a year! Hot summers and mild winters generate an average year round temperature of 19 degrees.
  2. 2 Sea - Malta has an average sea temperature of 22.2 degrees and many sandy beaches from which you can enjoy the warm waters. Also divers from around the world have just voted Malta the best diving in the Mediterranean and 3rd best in the world after the Red Sea and the Maldives in a recent online survey conducted by International Diver Magazine!!

Sea, Diving

  1. 3 Location - Malta is a great place to explore and travel from due to its perfect geographical location in the very heart of the Mediterranean sea, with easy access from all major cities in Europe, North Africa and neighbouring states. Plus the beautiful Islands of Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia are just next door!
  2. 4 Low Crime - Very low levels of crime which make Malta one of the safest places in Europe (ranked 6th safest out of 50 countries)
  3. 5 Family - Malta is a fantastic place to raise a family due to the low crime rates and general safety plus the sheer amount of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year with the wonderful climate.


  1. 6 EU Membership - A member of the European Union since 2004, Malta is an independent republic enjoying political stability.
  2. 7 Language - Maltese and English are the two official languages of the Islands and are spoken fluently by the local population.
  3. 8 History - The Islands have a stunning and diverse array of historical buildings, sites and museums including the oldest man made ruins in the world with the UNESCO protected Megalithic temples! 


  1. Gozo and Comino - visit these un-spoilt Islands off the coast of Malta with their crystal clear waters, stunning scenery and charming architecture.

Gozo and Comino

If you are looking for a place to live or even visit, then you simply cannot do better than Malta. The Island offers world class properties in a Mediterranean climate that offers mild winters and summers which are long and golden - a place where you and your family can enjoy the highest living standards.

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