Malta Permanent Residence Programme

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme


The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (also often referred to as “MPRP”) is a ‘residency by investment’ initiative that requires investments in qualifying property as well as government contributions. This new programme has a 4-6 month processing time (beginning with a complete and correct application) and has replaced the previous Malta Residence & Visa Programme (“MRVP”).

Benefits of the Malta Permanent Residence Programme:

  • Successful applicants will be granted the right to live in Malta on a permanent basis
  • “Visa-free” travel across the Schengen region for 90 out of 180 days
  • Access to invest in Malta’s attractive real estate market
  • Up to four generations may be included in an application

Eligibility & Personal Criteria:  

  • Open to non-EU, non-EEA, non-Swiss & third-country nationals
  • Applications from “sanctioned” countries are not allowed
  • Applicants must not already be part of or be benefitting from any other schemes or programs
  • Applicants must show receipt of stable and regular income and financial resources that are sufficient to cover themselves and their family members included
  • Prove they have capital assets of not less than €500,000 (out of which €150,000 must be financial assets)
  • No criminal record or pose any threat to national security, public policy, public health or public interest

Successful applicants will have to complete the following steps:

  • Complete and submit an application in association with a “Licensed Agent”
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of €40,000 to cover administrative costs
  • Rent a property for a minimum of €10,000 per annum in the South of Malta & Gozo or €12,000 per annum for the rest of Malta or buy a property with a minimum value of €300,000 (South of Malta & Gozo) or €350,000 for the rest of Malta
  • Pay a Government contribution of €28,000 if buying a property or €58,000 if leasing a property (note: there is an additional fee of €7500 for each additional adult dependent (with the exception of the spouse).
  • The rented or purchased property has to be held for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Make a €2000 donation to a “local philanthropic, cultural, scientific, artistic, sport or animal welfare NGO registered with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations”
    possess a valid travel document
  • Be the holder of a sickness insurance policy to cover all risks across Malta
  • Be the holder of travel insurance when moving around the Schengen area

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