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We are proud to offer to landlords, one of the most comprehensive and hands-on property management services in Malta.

Our wealth of experience enables us to manage all complex aspects of residential and commercial properties. We believe that good property management is about attention to detail, transparency and effective communication. We are here not only to let your property through our specialised and leading letting department but to ensure your property is maintained and managed as efficiently as possible, to give you, as the landlord ultimate peace of mind. Meeting your requirements is our core focus. We ensure that we offer appropriate, high quality and affordable levels of service to landlords. We also tailor our property management agreements to the landlord’s specific requirements and offer some of the most competitive management fees in the industry to ensure that you, as a landlord, maximise your return on your investment.

We recognise that property management is a people industry – we are big enough to cope and small enough to care about personal service to landlords. This is where we stand out from the crowd. In fact, we end up becoming close friends with our clients, including those who may reside overseas, who make it a point to visit us each time they are on the island. We work with a wide range of landlords to provide dedicated property management services backed by the experience, expertise and focus of our 37-year history and unparalleled service to the local real estate industry, operating in the forefront of both the sales and lettings markets.

We understand that the need for you as a landlord or landowner and property investor to generate maximum returns from your asset is of utmost importance to you, our services and specialist advise is invaluable for doing this. We cover all areas and asset types from large-scale villas to rural houses of character and modern apartments of all sizes, as well as commercial property. Our team provides advice and management services for single assets or full portfolios. We do not distinguish between clients with larger or smaller portfolios. In fact, the vast majority of our clients own a single property which they ask us to look after. Our focus is on maximising investments for landlords.

Once a client engages our management services, we do everything from organising inventories and arranging for properties to be cleaned pre-tenancy and on-demand; handling collection of rent or mail; calculating water and electricity bills and bringing utilities up-to-date; handyman, locksmith and repair services; right through to handling deposit negotiations once a tenancy has come to an end. We liaise with utility suppliers and arrange repairs, maintenance works and safety reports on clients behalf as well as organise payments of outgoings such as service charges. We also have senior associates within our letting department who possess the specialist skills to negotiate the renewal of a lease agreement on the landlords behalf, who can provide advice on the current market trends and rent levels, provide comparable evidence and arrange a re-appraisal of one’s property where appropriate and to negotiate with the tenant on the landlord’s behalf.

Below we list the main duties that Perry property management services would handle for a landlord found on our standard agreement:




  • Upon signing of an agreement, Perry will have the sole and exclusive duty and authority to manage and maintain the Property and shall be the first point of contact for the landlord’s tenants in relation to the Property.
  • Perry will have the responsibility for, the safekeeping of keys and/or remotes (until these are provided to the tenant/s), opening the Property and organising to meet and greet tenants or guests of the Landlord at the Property as required. This includes organising appointments to show the Property to tenants and prospective tenants. Keys will also be handed over to the Landlord’s tenants, guests or family members during check-in and collected for safekeeping upon check-out as required from time to time but only upon the Landlord’s prior written approval by means of electronic mail. Perry will at all times retain a set of keys and/or remotes


  • Perry will make arrangements for maid services, cleaning of the Property and laundry facilities when requested by the Landlord and/or his/her tenants. The above-mentioned services shall be provided at a fixed and pre-determined hourly rate.
  • Perry will hold quarterly inspection visits of the Property when it is occupied and once every fortnight when the Property is vacant. A report will be sent to the Landlord’s e-mail address, as provided on the relevant agreement, upon written request by the Landlord, stating the general state and condition of the Property.
  • Perry will also be responsible, in case of an unoccupied Property, for the airing of the Property and reporting of any damages to the Property including, but not limited to, its furniture and/or fittings.
  • Perry will coordinate and execute any maintenance or repair services to the Property which are the responsibility of the Landlord and deemed by the Landlord to be necessary. For this reason, Perry will always contract with maintenance personnel and reputable contractors, if necessary, who will be sent as soon as is reasonably possible, to the Property when maintenance or repair work is required, subject to the prior written approval of the Landlord.
  • Perry will make arrangements and supervise the installation of internet, television and telephony services of the Property on behalf of the Landlord and handling any matters arising in regard to such services on behalf of the Landlord and/or his/her tenants.


  • Perry will collect the readings of water and electricity meters upon commencement and termination of each lease agreement between the Landlord and his/her tenants.
  • Perry, at the request of the landlord, will also be responsible for the payment of water and electricity bills as well as for payments for internet, television and telephony services, payment for laundry services, and payments of any insurance bills on behalf of the Landlord.
  • Perry, at the request of the Landlord, will collect rents when due, issue the relevant receipts and collect all other payments as per the lease agreement with the tenant/s; however Perry cannot make any guarantee as to timely payment by the tenant of both rent and other utilities and cannot be held liable for any failure of the tenant to honour his/her obligations under the lease agreement entered into between the Landlord and the Tenant.
  • Perry would undertake to deposit within a stipulated period, all funds collected, less any unpaid fees and/or expenses, in relation to the Property, in the bank account provided by the Landlord. In no event will Perry be responsible for any charges associated with the transfer of funds either from the tenant to Perry and/or from Perry to the Landlord.
  • Perry will also check and collect mail periodically and redirect the post when required by the Landlord. Any expense incurred by Perry in relation to redirecting the mail to the Landlord will be at the sole expense of the Landlord.


Contact us today for a meeting to see how you too can benefit from such services and maximise the potential return of your assets. Our ultimate aim is to make owning or renting a property as hassle-free an experience as possible for landlords, whether the property is leased or the client lives overseas and would like us to look after and upkeep their asset. Put simply, we take the stress out of property management.


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