6 Tips On Selling Your Property

Our ‘Expert Tips For Selling Your Home In Malta’ fast!


When it comes to selling property in Malta we have a vast wealth of experience to help you find the right buyer in the shortest time possible. We’ve spoken to all our Sales team, (who have over 100 years of experience between them!) and we have compiled a list of helpful hints and tips that can assist the Selling process, all based from their extensive knowledge.

  1. Target Market & Timing

    The first step is to understand what is your target market, who is going to buy your property? Once you identify this then adapt your home accordingly. For example, if your market is for young couples with a small child then make sure the second bedroom is not an office as they will relate to it more if they can clearly see the second bedroom. Move the office space somewhere else within the property.

    Also identify the key times in the year when its best to sell your home. Understand that in Malta, Christmas will be a quieter time as well as the build-up to elections and big sporting events like the World Cup. Schools go back in October here so traditionally more viewings take place when children are back at school and the parents have more time!

  2. De-Clutter & De-Personalise

    Potential buyers need a “blank canvas” so they visualise living in your home. Therefore, for the best results keep colour schemes simple and neutral. Avoid having big family photos and posters on the walls and especially in the children’s bedrooms. Put things you don’t use that often away and out of sight. Try and make the property appear as large as possible so removing bikes or bulky objects are essential. Hallways are key, make sure they are neat and presentable as first impressions really make a difference. Hide products in the bathrooms and make sure kitchens aren’t cluttered with too many appliances on the work surfaces and that bins and tea towels aren’t smelly or dirty.

  3. DIY & Repairs

    A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, as can a new kitchen or if budgets are tight then change the cupboard doors instead. New bathrooms and showers are also a huge selling point but a fresh grouting of a shower can also really help. Don’t let things seem tired or neglected. Pay careful attention to good lighting, especially down-lighters and make sure broken bulbs are changed. Avoid heavy dark curtains and make sure when viewings commence that lights are on and curtains are open allowing the light in! Using fresh flowers can also really aid the selling process. Get a snagging list together of things that need to be fixed and tick them off!

  4. Clean!

    Make sure the house is spotless. Get carpets and windows cleaned, sofa covers washed and it might be worth getting some professional oven cleaners in. Remember kitchens and bathrooms sell a place so pay particular attention to these areas. Make them inviting, fresh white towels in the bathrooms and a new loo seat work wonders. Don’t overfill storage areas and wardrobes as people might look inside. Gardens and outdoor space are now seen as additional rooms so make the most of them and keep the focus on entertaining and relaxing.

  5. Contact

    Always have one of our Perry boards installed or a sticker in the window if you can. Boards and posters really do work so if you have space be sure to have one installed by one of our agents. Remember contact is key – keep us informed of any price changes and circumstances with your property.

  6. Viewings

    First impressions count so make sure the property is neat and tidy. If possible leave pets with a neighbour or if you have a dog go for a walk during viewings. Hoover up any animal hair especially cat hair as many people are allergic to it. If it’s cold outside make sure the heating is on, air the house and don’t smoke or cook smelly foods before a viewing! If you have parking make sure the space is free for a buyer/agent as this will aid and benefit the whole viewing experience.

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