Tips on Renting the Ideal Property

‘5 Expert Tips For Renting The Ideal Property In Malta’


Malta attracts a wide range of international people who are increasingly coming to work and live on our sought after and charming island. All prospective tenants will at some point be faced with the challenge of finding a new home amongst the vast number of properties on offer in Malta. Searching for the ideal property can often be a daunting and time-consuming exercise but with a little preparation, you can make your search so much simpler and in most cases an enjoyable process.

  1. Checklist

    Make a comprehensive list of what is important to you. This will make the searching process much easier and faster. Viewings may prove to be very time-consuming. It is therefore advisable to get our highly trained agents to help you do as much research and preparation as possible. One important thing to focus on is the size of the property required. Essentially you must decide the number of bedrooms required.

  2. Budget

    Another crucial point at this stage is to establish the price range that you can afford to pay for a property. It is important that you are sensible and realistic when it comes to budget and bear in mind the extra running costs associated with the property such as water, electricity, internet, phone, and TV packages.

  3. Location

    Try to limit your search as much as possible to a few desirable localities. There are several criteria you should consider when deciding on locality. People who have been here before or did considerable research about Malta may already know where they would like to live – perhaps a familiar location where work colleagues or friends live nearby? If however, you are new to the Maltese islands, it is advisable that you take your time to explore the island as much as possible.

  4. Travel Distance

    If you are here for work, commuting times are not usually very long being a small island, however, there are certain localities where the distance to your workplace must be taken into consideration. You will usually make the journey to work ten times per week. For someone living on the other end of the island from their workplace, commuting could take up to one hour each way during rush hours. If you are not careful you may easily end up spending close to an entire working day commuting in the week.

  5. Property Type

    Once the basic requirements of area and price are firmly established you can then further narrow your search by deciding on the property type and style. When we speak of types of properties, Malta offers an interesting choice which may be organised into six main categories – Apartments, Penthouses, Houses of Character, Villas, Terraced Houses and Maisonettes. You may not find a property to rent which exactly matches all of your criteria, but having a clear picture in your mind and deciding on the area and price before arranging viewings will help to prevent wasting time and effort.

Every prospective tenant has a different set of priorities. Once you have your bases covered then leave it in the hands of one of our Letting experts at Perry Estate Agents, all of which have extensive experience of the Maltese real estate market and knowledge of all it has to offer. We will be sure to find you the perfect home making your time and life on Malta a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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