Checklist for Moving

Our checklist to help you make the move to Malta!


Our highly experienced team at Perry Estate Agents Malta have compiled a comprehensive checklist that will help you make the move to Malta. Have a look at our key points to remember below…

  1. Investigate

    It’s important to do your research before moving and make sure that you fully understand the laws and regulations in Malta as these can differ from those of your home country. If need be, contact the Maltese Embassy or log onto their website at

  2. Paperwork!

    Make sure you get any Passport, Visa or Permit applications in early as these can obviously take time to process both at home and in Malta. Also, check the expiration dates of Passports as its easy to overlook.

  3. Important Documents

    Gather all your important documents and keep them ready for your move. You will need them at various stages with the Maltese authorities. Here’s a list of some:

    • Proof of Residency at home (Utility bills, credit card and bank statements etc…)
    • Tax and employment documents
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Birth Certificate
    • Citizenship/ Naturalisation documents
    • Insurance policies
    • Investment plans
    • Medical and dental records
    • Vet records for pets
    • Copies of any Wills
    • Academic certificates
  4. International Shipping & Removal Companies

    Get quotes from various international shipping companies (both Land and Sea) as the prices can vary. Also, bear in mind that sometimes it’s cheaper to book a shipping container exclusively with only your items in it including room for a small car if you’re bringing one! Make sure you label boxes clearly so you know exactly whats in them when they arrive. Shipping can take up to a month to arrive so make sure you have enough essentials with you to tide you over till your items arrive.

  5. Home Insurance

    Do some research into Maltese insurance companies to get a feel for the prices and make a list of your requirements.

  6. Car Insurance

    Make sure you have Car Insurance ready especially if you are importing your car to Malta as you will need it for when you pick up your car. It’s common in Malta to insure your vehicle Fully Comprehensively as the driving can be hazardous to say the least!! Also, make sure you get puncture cover – as they can happen quite often on the Island due to potholes. With puncture cover, a mechanic will come to your aid (24/7) and get you back on the road.

  7. Property Insurance

    It might be worth considering international property insurance as it can cover your possessions while they are in transit during the relocation process and once they are installed in your Maltese residence. Certain Insurers specialize in Expat services so do some research before you arrive.

  8. Medication

    Make sure you stock up on any medication that either you or a family member require and keep them in your hand luggage rather than packing them away where they could get lost during the move. Also, keep any records of the condition for future reference.

  9. Health Insurance

    Firstly check you and your families eligibility to use the social healthcare system in Malta. EU/EEA and Swiss Nationals have automatic access (subject to the individual’s taxation status) but Non-EU/EEA members will need to have Private Health Insurance. Some policies offer worldwide protection so check out all the options before arriving.

  10. Bank & Credit Card Accounts

    Make sure you notify any banks of your relocation and if they have international online banking facilities this can make the transition a lot easier especially with managing accounts and making transfers. If you own a property at home and are renting it out then it might be worth you setting up an account specifically for the property where all related expenses go out of the same account making it simple to audit.

  11. International Driving Permit

    Check your current license is valid and not about to expire and keep it with all your essential documents in hand luggage. If you require a renewal give yourself plenty of time for the application to be processed!

  12. Tax Status

    Speak to a financial advisor that understands Maltese tax laws and discuss your proposed tax status especially with regard to any foreign earned income. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to gather all relevant paperwork and make any applications.

  13. Pets

    If you are planning to bring your pet(s) with you then there are some specialist companies that can help you process all the paperwork and make sure there is minimal stress to the animal. Also, bear in mind that there can be extra handling charges when collecting your pet from the airport in Malta.

  14. Flight & Hotel Reservations

    Be sure to book these early to ensure availability and secure the best prices.

  15. Skype & Whats App

    Get connected and make sure family and friends are too!! It will save you a fortune and help on those days when you’re missing home!

  16. Forwarding Mail & Stopping Subscriptions

    Make sure you cancel any subscriptions and forward your mail onto your new address by completing the relevant forms at the Post Office.

  17. Culture

    Try and familiarise yourself with some of the local phrases and keywords before arriving, as well as the overall culture and traditions of the Island. Be prepared as sometimes Island life is at a slower pace than things at home!