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Brexit – Is It Time To Move Your Business To Malta?

With the prospect of “negative fall-out” from Brexit, many UK based companies are now urgently investigating a move to an EU country with the aim of minimising the impact on their business.

This number is rapidly increasing as a “no-deal” Brexit looks more and more likely as the clock ticks down. Already a number of high profile firms have announced they are leaving the UK or are setting up offices in the EU in preparation for the major changes ahead, and these include Panasonic, Nomura, Daiwa as well as Muji.

With this in mind and with Brexit looming, Malta is an ideal location to consider if you are thinking of relocating your business from the UK or even setting up a European office.

4 reasons why Malta could be the perfect destination for you and your business after Brexit:

1. Language
English is widely spoken by the local population with some estimates suggesting that 90% of Maltese speak it fluently. Furthermore, official documents are regularly prepared in English especially when buying and renting residential or commercial property. This makes any transition from the UK extremely simple and straight forward. Italian is also widely spoken throughout the Islands.

2. Economy & Taxation
Malta has steadily built a reputation for being a “cost-effective jurisdiction with a competitive edge” whilst having an excellent track record for financial stability and strong economic growth. There are also a number of well-established and attractive tax regimes for business, whilst the Maltese tax system has been thoroughly checked and approved by the European Commission since its membership with the EU began in 2004.

3. Skilled Workforce
Malta has a highly regarded workforce that has often been called the country’s “most valuable asset.” The Maltese workforce also represents excellent value for money as salaries are often 20 to 30% less than in the UK. Malta already has an established iGaming and Finance business community with many well-known companies already in attendance.

4. Premium Office Spaces in Malta
Malta has an array of exceptional business locations throughout the island including many highly sought after developments offering first-class office spaces such as Tigne Point, Portomaso, Pendergardens and Trident Park to name just a few. These impressive commercial centres provide ‘state of the art’ facilities to clients leasing office space with air-conditioning throughout as well as full lift access, underlying car parking and 24 hour CCTV security systems.

For more information about Brexit go here >> https://readyforbrexit.co.uk/

How can we help you move your business to Malta?

Here at Perry Estate Agents Malta, we can help your business make a successful move to Malta by sourcing the ideal office space based on your requirements as well as helping to find residential accommodation for company owners, directors and staff, covering all budgets and property types. We have over 35 years of experience with real estate in Malta so we are perfectly placed to assist you with any move from the UK to Malta.

Click here to read our expert ‘Tips for relocating your business to Malta’

If you would like to discuss your move or property requirements with one of our team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the details below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Call +356 2131 0800 / 0088 or Email: perry@perry.com.mt

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