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Malta’s Independent Schools

Malta’s education system is one of enviable reputation, boasting a number of high-quality schools located all over the island. In this article, we have compiled a summary of the following independent schools that are equally sought after and not listed in order of preference or standard. Indeed, this is a guide designed to assist families with a list of primary and secondary schools one can choose from when relocating to Malta.

What must also be taken into consideration is the fact that, notwithstanding, the vast selection of top quality schools, there is, more often than not, an admittance waiting list and it is therefore sensible to think ahead so as to avoid disappointment, especially if a specific school is being scouted for and preferred.

Chiswick House school and St. Martin’s College, both co-educational; the former being primary and the latter secondary, are located in Kappara and Swatar respectively, having an array of school and sporting activities, and like all the others to follow in the list, a highly reputable curriculum, and very much in demand.

San Andrea School, also co-educational, is located in the west of the island in a small town called Mgarr and starts from kinder through to senior school, as well as the option of summer school, with the latter becoming more and more popular. The same goes for its neighbouring school, San Anton, an independent, co-educational, mixed ability school once again having primary and senior schools on the same grounds.

QSI International School, found on the outskirts of the lovely area of Attard, bordering with Mosta, hosts an array of international students as its name aptly defines, once again boasting a reputable curriculum as well as a vast selection of school activities; as does the much renowned Verdala International School in Pembroke, actually being the first international school in Malta, a few minutes’ walk to the bustling St. Julians area, and all its amenities.

St. Michael’s Foundation, having its grounds for kindergarten and primary school in Pembroke, and a senior school in San Gwann, has the same reputation as all its peers, and is another popular option with many parents, once again located close to public transport and amenities; although, like all the other schools on this list, school transport is always an option and probably the best one to avoid heavy traffic during rush hours.

St. Catherine’s High School, also located in Pembroke, is open to boys and girls of various nationalities, ages ranging from 2 till 16, therefore kindergarten through to secondary, and once again popular in its own right, plus it’s also located very close by to the aforementioned St. Michael’s primary school.

Last but certainly not least we have St. Edwards College, a much-renowned boys school, founded in 1929 located in the south of the island in an area called the Three Cities, conveniently located close to the lovely Birgu waterfront, and Smart City development, and is actually the only private school in Malta that is not co-educational, whilst having a highly regarded sports and academic curriculum.

If you would like more information about independent schools in Malta or indeed the areas and their proximity to schools then don’t hesitate to contact one of our team on (+356) 2131 0800/0088 to discuss it in further detail. You may also contact us here

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