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Top Tips on Selling your Home

Love your home, don’t hate it

In her “battle plan for house buyers and sellers” – an online publication for ‘The Telegraph‘, Kirsty Alsopp (UK TV property expert) rightly observes that “Most people have fallen out of love with their home by the time they come to sell it. But if you’re going to ignite the enthusiasm of would-be buyers, it’s essential that you rekindle the glow of your own post-moving-in honeymoon”. Think back to when you first came across the property and why you decided to buy it as well as all the memories you made while residing there. By “loving your property” you would more than likely pass on your enthusiasm to potential buyers and they too might be charmed by what the property has to offer.

Declutter and depersonalise

One of the reasons many home buyers struggle with purchasing a property is because they do not get the opportunity to view the property at its full potential. While its fine to leave a few personal items on display such as wedding pictures, bric-a-brac collections, children’s drawings etc.. too much of it may hinder buyers from envisioning this home as their own. In particular store larger, bulkier items such as bicycles, cleaning equipment, gardening tools and the like out of sight from visitors.

Fix anything that needs fixing

A highly important factor here is cleaning and fixing anything that needs to be done whether a quick lick of paint or an entire paint job to leaky taps and mould. Walk around your home and find out what needs to be sorted out prior to visitors entering your home and discovering these supposedly “hidden” faults for themselves. You are more likely to sell your property and for the right price if the home appears in sound condition and ready to move into without any extra hassle on the buyer’s part.

Set the scene

As in any staged setting, it is important to lure your “audience” into an experience they will potentially become a part of. Open the curtains to allow for a brighter and airier space in the room, check the lighting particularly in darker areas of the home. You might like to set the lighting on dimmers (if you have them) so as not to appear too bright or too dark in the room. If its cold outside ensure the heating is on and if you have a working fireplace, light it up, and allow visitors to enjoy the cosy feel of the property. During the summer months, it might be an idea to turn on the air-conditioning to moderate the temperature or alternatively switch on a fan if you have one. The scent of a room is very important when it comes to outsiders appreciating your home. The smell of delicious home-baked delicacies is an obvious winner however while it is impractical to bake each time you have a visitor, you might prefer to resort to sweet-scented candles in places or infusers. If you’re a smoker or you own pets, this very often is a key consideration to factor into your home selling approach.

Don’t price too high, stick to realistic goals

This in part depends on how fast you’d like to sell your home, however, you’ll need to reasonable on how much your property should fetch on the market. Our agents will help you in deciding on a price for your home and comparing the market.


Agree to feature on our agency’s website and social media portholes such as Facebook and Instagram. In today’s world image is everything and it is crucial that your home can be seen by your potential buyers. Remember the better the images the more leads will be generated so be sure to make sure your property has been cleaned before any photography is taken.


Allow flexibility of time to allow agents to show the potential buyers around without getting in the way. Many buyers prefer to tour the home without the sellers present, therefore if you happen to be in the home at the time of the visit excuse yourself and say that you have some work to get on within the office or another chore in the home that requires tending to.


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